Cast of Characters

The following folks have made this project what it is. Each has been a pleasure to work with and all are incredibly professional. The process is such, that I create a skeletal frame around which they can wrap themselves. It is almost magical how we captured each moment and harnessed their energies and talents. Many thanks to all of them.

Marcus sings Lead Vocals on ‘Someone’, ‘Pin Drop’, ‘Bang’, ‘Lips’, ‘Puppy Love’, ‘Slap’, ‘Smile’, ‘Words’, and ‘Daddy’, plays Bass Guitar on all selections, Electric Piano on ‘Someone’, ‘Words’, and ‘I Guess’, Acoustic Guitar on ‘Bang’, ‘Shoes’, ‘Some Days’, and ‘Daddy’, Synthesizer on ‘Someone’, and created the bands Titus Crow, Apparatus, Big Mama Grunt, and Prince Charm Inc. Concept, words & music by Marcus

Hank Decken plays Lead and Rhythm Guitars on ‘Kiss’, ‘Bang’, ‘Lips’, ‘Puppy Love’, ‘Typical’, ‘Shoes’, ‘Daddy’, and ‘I Guess’, Lead Vocals on ‘Typical’, multiple backing harmonies on  ‘Kiss’, ‘Maybe’, ‘Once’, ‘Slap’, ‘Typical’, ‘Shoes’, and ‘Some Days’, and  Keyboards on  ‘Bang’, ‘Lips’, and ‘Shoes’. Mr. Decken is Owner/Engineer of Decken Recording (formerly Dizzyland) in Rochester New Hampshire. While signed to Warner Bros., he toured the U.S. with his band, ‘Nevada Beach’, opening for major national recording acts. He gigs out regularly with, and is a founding member of the local rock band, ‘Rosie’. Mr. Decken lives in Rochester NH, with his lovely wife, Taryn and his dog Sophie.

Yamica (Mica) Peterson sings Lead Vocals on ‘Kiss’, ‘Lips’, ‘Skin’, ‘Shoes’, and ‘I Guess’. Her roots are as much R&B as jazz-fusion, with a sprinkling of Etta James.  Mica comes from a family of musicians well known in the Portsmouth NH area. She currently sings in Mica’s Groove Train, Family Affair, and The Mica-Sev Project.  Mica lives with her husband, Doug, and five exceptional children in Somersworth NH.

Olivia Moore sings Lead Vocals on ‘Monica’, ‘Maybe’, and ‘Once’. Ms. Moore contrasts with a tenderness and strength that will remind you of Sarah McLachlan. Born and raised in Durham NH, Olivia is currently a student at Lesley University in Cambridge MA. Our Ms. Moore sings in ‘Harmogeddon’, Lesley University’s a capella group.

Chris Anderson sings Lead Vocals on ‘Monica’, ‘Lie’, and ‘Some Days’. Chris sings backing vocals on ‘Pin Drop’, ‘Puppy Love’, ‘Once’, ‘Words’, and ‘Daddy’. He also plays drums on ‘Monica’, ‘Kiss’, ‘Bang’, ‘Maybe’, ‘Lips’, ‘Once’, ‘Slap’, ‘Typical’, ‘Shoes’, and ‘Some Days’.  Mr. Anderson was a founding member and drummer for the national recording act, ‘Divine Regale’ and is currently lead singer with the band ‘Gazpacho’ and performs all over New England. Chris resides in Dover NH, with his wife Becky and their five beautiful children.

Jason Keazer plays Piano, Synthesizers, and Keyboards on ‘Someone’, ‘Monica’, ‘Pin Drop’, ‘Maybe’, ‘Lips’, ‘Once’, ‘Slap’, ‘Lie’, and ‘Skin’.  Jason contributed piano, strings, horns, reeds, and timpani on Synthesizer for many of these selections. He was keyboardist for ‘Divine Regale’ when they signed to a major label. Mr. Keazer also performed and toured the US and Europe extensively, with national recording act ‘Fates Warning’. Jason plays keyboards in the band, ‘Gazpacho’ and lives in Dover NH, with his wife and children.


Bill Supino plays drums on ‘Smile’, ‘Skin’, ‘Some Days’, and ‘Daddy’. Mr. Supino is a structural engineer and lives with his wife in Rye NH.  Michael Glickman contributes  guitars on ‘Bang’, ‘Smile’, ‘Skin’, & ‘Some Days’ and currently resides in Dover NH, with his wife. Evelyn P. Snodgrass & Emma Lou Finklestein give us backing vocals on ‘Lips’, ‘Maybe’, Slap, ‘Daddy’, and ‘Someone’. The ladies live in Portsmouth NH and are a vocal talent to be appreciated. Video Vignettes courtesy of Brad Barrett of The Babylon Productions Brooklyn NY/Nashville TN & Kiegan Munn of Yellow House Pictures York ME.  Margot Simonds & Kelsey Simonds of York ME for their Cameo Video appearances. Character Art  Igor Krstic Oslobodjenja Pancevo Serbia & Andrew Gonzalez  Jordbro Haninge Sweden  Merchandising  Mickey Hakes of Infinite Imaging  Portsmouth NH and Peter Meyer of Blue Dolphin Somersworth NH SugarBear the dog, Mojo the dog, Rogan the Irish Carriage Horse, & Rainbow the Macaw courtesy of themselves.