About Our Rock Musical Production

‘Monica Rose & Prince Charm Inc.’ / a Faery Tale Rock Opera is rock musical headed to the theatrical stage with your help – 19 multi-layered songs that tell a Faery Tale of Monica Rose, who represents all girls and women in their dreams of romantic love and the possible “Prince Charms” that come their way.

The audience will hear many voices and musical styles that flesh out characters and tell the tale with a stage presence in mind. Radio listeners will find many of these songs appetizing. This is musical performance in a compact package of sound bites that will leave you wanting more.

The songs tell the story of more than one Faery Princess – The Good Girl and The Bad Girl, the fragile and the freaky, the winsome and the witchy – and assorted characters who define Prince Charm. Princes come in all shapes and sizes. Some ‘Charlie-with-the-bedroom eyes’ are the ‘Real Deal’ but who is the prince and which one the wolf?

This is a rock musical about love and passion and all romantic possibilities. It is, after all, about you and me and everyone who continues to believe and hope for the Faery Tale.

Thanks for listening and if you like it, please share.

~ Marcus