Welcome to a Faery Tale Rock Opera

More than five years in the making, “Monica Rose & Prince Charm Inc. / a Faery Tale Rock Opera” is a 19-song soundtrack of musical theater and, ultimately, visual performance. It is part pop rock, part dramatic symphony, with ballads both tender and raw.

This rock opera is a Faery Tale about the life and loves of Monica Rose, who represents all women from four to eighty-four years old in their experience of loves and knots, broken hearts and intensities, and that wide-eyed girl who believes anything is possible. Multiple female vocals describe one very Faery Princess finding her way… the Good Girl and the Bad Girl, the girl and woman she becomes, the contradiction between Faery Princess and Evil Princess on any given day. Male lead vocals give us possible Princes that appear on the scene and lurk in every shadow, one of which is Prince Charm Inc.